12 important island travel tips

Bonaire is an underwater paradise for divers and snorkelers. The island is rich in beautiful coral reefs and colorful fish. But the coral reefs on Bonaire are threatened. Due to climate change, (plastic) pollution, non-sustainable reef fishing and … sunscreen.
Here are 12 tips to help nature when you go to Bonaire.

1. Buy the nature tag

The sea around Bonaire is protected. All users (swimmers, snorkelers, divers) are required to purchase a “tag”. The proceeds from this “admission ticket” go to protection and maintenance of the area. You can buy the tag at hotels and diving schools.


Apartments for rent Bonaire -Stinapa Nature tag 2019
2. Drink tap water

Use a reusable water bottle and top it up instead of (plastic)to buy water bottles. Bonaire has wonderful tap water.

Apartments for rent Bonaire - tap water
3. Eat sustainable fish

Prefer not to eat grouper (grouper), but for example the locally caught lionfish. This fish does not belong in the Caribbean and is even harmful to the reefs.

Apartments for rent Bonaire -Lion fish eat
4. Reduce the use of plastic

Shop with your own shopping bag and say no to plastic straws. Disposable plastic such as bags and straws often cause plastic soup.

Apartments for rent Bonaire -plastic soup
5. Check you sunscreen

Sunscreen with the ingredient Oxybenzone is bad for coral. Wear protective clothing, apply at least 30 minutes before swimming and use maximum protection factor (SPF) 50.

Apartments for rent Bonaire -sunscreen oxybenzone
6. Be efficient with water and electricity

The tap water on Bonaire is made from seawater and is therefore expensive. 40% of the electricity is generated via wind turbines, the other 60% via fossil fuels. So please shower briefly, and don’t leave the air conditioning on unnecessarily.

Apartments for rent Bonaire -waterplant
7. Keep away from wild animals

Are you, for example, looking for dolphins ? Then go with a good guide: he keeps a sufficient distance from the animals, doesn’t hunt them on and doesn’t lure them for a photo.

Apartments for rent Bonaire -iguana
8. Help the sea turtles

Sea Turtle Conservation Bonaire (STCB), partner organization of WWF, has been protecting sea turtles and their nests for more than 25 years. Do you want to help? That is possible, STCB organizes weekly activities in which visitors can participate.

9. Do a beach cleanup

There are several organizations that deal with this on Bonaire.
It is an active way to contribute to a cleaner Bonaire.
(Clean Coast Bonaire, One Hour Clean up Power and Debris Free Bonaire)

Apartments for rent Bonaire -coastal cleanup
10. Coral restoration

Reef Renewal Bonaire is a foundation with which WWF cooperates and which is committed to coral recovery. They have a diving course where you learn to restore coral. For more information, visit crfbonaire.org

Apartments for rent Bonaire -coral restoration photo
11. Seperate your waste

Bonaire has an environmental square next to one of the largest supermarkets. You can hand in plastic, glass, can and paper.

Apartments for rent Bonaire - afvalscheiding
12. Compensate your flight

Flying causes CO2 emissions, so not flying is of course better. But if you do go, you can offset your CO2 emissions. Many airlines offer this option.

Apartments for rent Bonaire - co2 compensation flight