Modified as per May 01th, 2023

Why these comprehensive terms and conditions?

Because you will not be surprised and we wish you the best vacation ever.
Because you can find all the conditions and information you need for a fantastic stay here.
Because you now know how we deal seriously with your holiday.
Because we would like to see you again on your next holiday.
And we know that we have very nice, pleasant, satisfied tenants.

We do not rent:

(Our guests and we ourselves love peace and so do our neighbours)

Less than 5 days
Partygoers and children who do an internship.
We do not rent to groups of young people.
Sorry parents, our apartments are not suitable at Children younger than 11 years and babies.

Accepted payment methods

We accept payments by direct payment to our Banco di Caribe account or our Dutch ING account . Payments must be received in full, 20 days before the check-in date otherwise the booking will be canceled and no access to the apartment can be granted. All transactions are calculated in US Dollar. read the cancellation policy carefully.

Travel insurance

We recommend that you always take out travel and cancellation insurance. With authorized cancellation we can give you an invoice for your travel insurance.

Credit card

Payment by credit card on the rental fee is not possible.

Deposit and conditions

To finalize your reservation, we ask for a deposit of € 250,- euro or $280,- dollar of the total amount at the time of booking (you always pay + € 19,- euro or $22 transaction costs via ING). This deposit must be paid within 1 week after you have booked with us. If you immediately pay the entire outstanding amount within 2 weeks after the official booking, you do not have to pay any transaction costs.

Refund and cancellation policy

Refund and Cancellation Policy

We have adjusted our cancellation policy after this Corona.
We understand how crazy things can be in the world now and, just like you, we do not know how everything will turn out in the future.

Cancellation policy 2022/2023: Kas Barracuda, Kas Tuna, Kas Wahoo and Kas Dolphin.
1) You can cancel your holiday at any time, in case of negative travel advice.
2) You can reschedule your holiday at any time for free if space is available, and in consultation with us.
3) Cancellation is free of charge up to 1 week before arrival. (always move for free after that)
4) We ask for a € 250, – euro deposit which will retain its value for you if canceled.
4) The rest of the payment does not have to be received by us until 20 days for arrival.
5) If the holiday is canceled, your payment will be refunded, less a $ 25 administration fee, within 07 days of the date of cancellation.
You read that right, no more risk for you as a traveler, we understand how important a holiday is and that you do not want to lose it.

Stay safe and we hope to see you soon.

Info Payments

We charge you a net price for our apartments that is the price that must be placed on our bank without deduction of transaction costs. you can make the payment in €/Euro via our ING account in the Netherlands, which is the easiest and cheapest way to pay, no loss of exchange rate if you pay everything at once.
When paying through our banks, the transaction costs will be fully at your expense at all times.
If you can make the payment in €/Euro via our ING account in the Netherlands, which is the easiest and cheapest way to pay, no loss of exchange rate if you pay everything at once.
If you pay via Banco di Caribe, the bank will calculate the transaction costs yourself and you will pay us the net amount without deduction of transaction costs.
All transaction costs will be charged always to your account
If transaction costs are still charged to us, we will let you know and you can still pay them cash here on Bonaire no problem for us.

Paying payment in Dollar (transaction duration 5 days)

Please state on payment: your full name in full (transaction costs for your account)
Banco di Caribe account number: 301024-04 Attn. Mark Dieperink
BIC bank beneficiary (SWIFT): BDCCBQBN
Land bank beneficiary: Bonaire, Sint Eustatius and Saba

Paying payment in Euro (always amount + € 19 transaction costs)

ING Bank account number: NL29 INGB 0752 1130 54 Attn. MO Dieperink
Bank beneficiary (IBAN): NL29 INGB 0752 1130 54 (BIC): INGBNL2A
Land bank beneficiary: the Netherlands

Booking changes and / or renew

After your booking or once you have started your occupation, we can only implement any changes if space is available.

Stee late room (if available) that is the late checkout room can also be used for guests, in case of earlier arrivals and / or delays also for KLM staff who travel if Place Available and so arrive sooner or later arrive / depart at our apartments

Discounts: if you want to shorten your rental period, you must notify us in writing at least 2 days in advance. Since the original rent was quoted according to the original rental period, we do not give a refund for a shortened period.

Expansions: if you have an option to expand, you need to enter the renewal min 4 days in advance if space is available. We reserve the right to re-book the apartment on your check-out date. Extensions are at the discretion of Lilian & Mark and only through Lilian & Mark we will always do our best but there is no guarantee that an extension will be granted even in case of illness or delays and can only be made if space is available.

Other: In the exceptional case that the apartment reserved by you is unable to honor your reservation, we will strive to offer you an alternative apartment of comparable price and standard. If this happens, we will contact you and request your permission to continue with this new booking. If you refuse the alternative and the original booking has already been charged, you will receive a full refund. We will describe the building and the location in good conscience and in good faith. No responsibility or refund for alleged misrepresentation can be accepted.

Rental conditions apartment

The information about the apartments on this website can be changed at any time and is only indicative. Rental rates vary depending on how long you stay. The rates are reduced for a longer stay.  Send us your question and we will respond within 24 hours with the availability and rates.

To book an apartment or check availability, please contact Lilian & Mark on + 599-7851404 or + 599-7884882 (international calls) or e-mail with your details. Bookings are confirmed upon receipt of your approval. Accommodation is paid in advance. For a minimum stay of 5 days, the amount due is due in full 40 days before the check-in date. For payments longer than 1 month payments can be made in installments. In the rare case that your choice for the apartment is not available, we reserve the right to offer alternative accommodation of a similar standard.

Photos of the shown apartments can differ and be recorded to describe the apartment as well as possible or a comparable standard.

Tourist tax applies to all apartment reservations and is charged by the Bonaire government.

Deposit and conditions

To finalize your reservation, we ask for a deposit of € 250, – euro of the total amount at the time of booking (you always pay + € 19, – euro transaction costs via ING), this deposit must be paid within 1 week after you contact us. has booked. If you immediately pay the entire outstanding amount within 2 weeks after the official booking, you do not have to pay any transaction costs.

Key transfer and Transport from and to Flamingo airport.

Your assigned Guest Manager 🙂 Lilian & Mark or a designated person will pick you up from the airport, we will see you at the exit, you can recognize us by a sign with your name on it and bring you to your apartment and give the keys indoor / outdoor working hours to check in. you will be able to call / App 2 days before arrival on our mobile number for the reservation confirmation and to make agreements about the key handover. Read your rental agreement for contact details. Tenant is only entitled to one set of keys for access. Every second requested key is subject to availability and would attract an additional $ 50 deposit (in addition to the standard deposit) which will be fully refunded in cash if the keys are returned on time. On your departure date we will bring you 2 hours before the official flight time to Flamingo airport .

Arrival / Departure

Check-in time is from 5 pm until? and check-out time is your plane time (late checkout) on the day of check-out date of your booking unless alternative arrangements are made with Lilian & Mark. For very early arrivals, we advise you to book the evening in advance to guarantee an early check-in.

Responsibilities of the guest

– It is the responsibility of each guest to read and comply with these terms and conditions.
– It is the responsibility of all guests to report any problem with the accommodation to Mark of Lilian This includes any disruption, damage, loss or any criminal issue regarding the property.
– Apartments may only be used for accommodation. Partying or commercial use is strictly prohibited.
– All damage and breakage due.
– The number of tenants may not exceed the maximum number allowed and is listed per apartment on our website. If it is reported that a home is overloaded, the tenants will be asked to leave without reimbursement.
– All apartments are privately owned. Please respect this and do not move inside furniture in outside furniture.
– Guests must show respect and ensure the accommodation and ensure that doors and windows are locked when they are vacated.
– Guests are expected to keep the accommodation at an acceptable level that is acceptable to an average person. Any unacceptable damage due to poor cleanliness will be charged to the guest. If cleaners have to incur additional costs, they are also charged to the guest.
– A final cleaning fee is payable.
– Pets are not allowed in all accommodations.

Noise disturbance

– Always consider other tenants and remember that your accommodation is located in a residential upscale residential area.
– Do not overload the TV or close windows and doors.
– Consider your close neighbors.
– Please make sure you do not cause any noise pollution, this rule is in force and what applies to all residents and neighbors in and around the apartment and swimming pool.


– Bbq you can use every day but do it at the designated place, take care at the BBQ that you do not bothers the neighbors 😉

Use Airco

– Our air conditioners are new and have your room on temperature in 5 minutes.
– Stop your Air conditioning at all times when you leave.
Air conditioning on = Windows closed.
– TIP do not cool the airco very cold otherwise you can get sick.
– If you want to use the airco day and night that can also for $ 20 a day extra, you have to indicate this in time to Mark

Access to your Apartment

– Landlord has access to your apartment at all times if you leave the air conditioning running while you are away unless you have paid extra.
– Landlord only has access to your apartment in case of leakage of smoke development while you are away.
– Only with permission of the guest in case of repair work on the apartment.

Entrance / gate

– Lock the entrance / gate in the evening.
– Off and in loading dive gear for the gate just fine, then put the car in the parking place.


– Make sure you do not cause any noise nuisance, this rule is in force and what applies to all guests and their visit.

Swimming pool

– Keep the swimming pool clean.
– At the entrance of our swimming pool you will find a shower just before you enter the pool take a shower.
– Do not apply sunscreen before swimming. sunburn spoils water quality.
– Swimming pool is not for your visitors, but only for our guests.
– Tell us immediately if something is wrong to Mark (irritation to eyes or skin)

Tropical garden (only for our guests)

– Keep the Tropical garden clean.
– The rinse sinks can used by our guests.
– The 2 cabana’s can used by our guests.
– Picnic table and BBQ can used by everyone.
– Almost all sun beds can used by our guests.
– Only the 2 sun beds in front apartment Kas Tuna, are for Kas Tuna.

Car insurance/damage

– When issuing the car, make a movie around the car to avoid misunderstandings later.
– Park your car at shops free of other cars to prevent door damage.
– Always leave your car doors open, no burglary, no damage.
– Leave nothing of value in the car, no loot, no theft.
– Insurance: all our cars are fully insured against damage to your car and damage to the other party with a deductible of $500.00 per event. The maximum amount that can be paid out has been set by our insurance company Nagico at $83,300 per event. If the damage exceeds this amount, you are responsible for it yourself.
– In the Washington Slagbaai National Park, cars are not insured and the deductible is reduced to 100% you are responsible for it yourself.
– Tires are not insured in the all-risk insurance package you are responsible for it yourself.
– Always report minor and major damage to Mark.
– Always call road service in the event of a collision to have a damage report drawn up.


– Park your car at shops free of other cars to prevent door damage.
– At the apartments you can park your car in the parking spaces provided for that purpose.
– You do not have a fixed parking space per apartment.
– Always leave your doors unlocked, no breakage, no damage.
– Leave nothing of value in the car, no loot, no theft.
– Remote parking leaving a window half open indicates no loot.



– Lighting in the tropical garden and under the palapas go on by itself
– Put your Lighting off in your home when you leave.
– Lamp broke pass on to Mark

Damage or something broken

– Our tenant is personally liable for damage caused by incorrect handling.
– Report this within 24 hours, and not at the end of your stay (Mark makes it)
– If possible Buy yourself a new item at blokker in Kralendijk we find it ok if you do.
– We will arrange large claims with the insurance if possible, the end-responsible is at all times you as a tenant.

Tourist tax

Our apartment price is exclusive: Tourist&car tax of $75.00 per person from 13 years, you pay on arrival at the airport or online ( ) by the local government.
EXEMPTION: Children under the age of 13 and BES residents do not pay tourist tax

Third party terms and conditions

If you have booked a diving package and / or car rental or boat through us these are not part of our terms and conditions.

Clean bed linen and towels

Every week 7 days after arrival date you will receive an extensive clean linen package.
In case of an accident (no problem) you give a request free charge to Lilian

Departure cleaning costs

For each booking, you must pay a final cleaning fee = 2 person apartment $ 100 and 4 – 6 persons $ 125.
We are happy to organize additional weekly or biweekly cleaning service for the costs at $ 20 per hour. Consult Lilian or Mark about this.


We offer SMOKING FREE APARTMENTS and we want to keep it that way, if you smoke inside, you will be charged $ 250 + GST for cleaning and deodorizing the apartment. Smoking outside is allowed but not at a window or doorway and think of neighbors who may not smoke or are asthma and therefore allergies, with the wind towards them.The are very grateful to you.

Damage and breaks

A refundable deposit is required at all apartments. Fractions or damage to the apartment due to your occupation will be paid by the guest. In the event of damage incurred by you or your visitors to the apartment, the deposit that we have held or the credit card details you provided will be deducted from a compensation in accordance with the damage and a receipt will be sent to your nominee email address.

Internet access

All our apartments have free WiFi, code you will find in welcome book

Utilities (WEB)

Due to the rapidly rising water and electricity costs, we reserve the right to allow guests to pay for excessive provisions if they use more than normal consumption with air conditioning lights and fan on. For consumption you are responsible as a guest for all Water and electricity bills in normal use (in case of observation of excessive water and electricity consumption this overuse is discussed with you, because this depends on the stated rental price).

Power and water usage

Please keep the costs low, then we do not have to raise our prices 🙂

On Bonaire the power is generated by generators and the water is extracted from the sea and converted to super clean drinking water, this is very expensive and nice clean water and that is counted on the customer us and you so, the rent includes W & E in normal use, with a lot of use we will charge the extra costs to you.


Please help us keep our rental prices low.

ATTENTION: Air conditioning on = Windows closed.
ATTENTION: Air conditioning off when you leave.
ATTENTION: Fan off when you leave.
ATTENTION: Lights off when you leave.
ATTENTION: Shower, think of water consumption


We wish you the best vacation ever!
Thank you for your understanding.